Six Things to Look For When Buying a Mountain Bike

Finding the best mountain bike isn’t as hard as you may think, but there are some things to look at that will help you to make a better educated decision. While not comprehensive, the following six points should be considered when looking for an off road bike.6 Points:
1. Price
2. Frame
3. Brakes
4. Shifters
5. Tires
6. Size/FitPrice:
To get the best mountain bike you can expect to pay several thousand dollars. Set a price limit for your new bike and then find the best quality bike for the price. You can expect to pay somewhere between 300 and 800 dollars for an entry level bike. You can find a cheaper bike at one of the local retail stores but chances are the bike will not hold up and you will be finding yourself replacing parts or even a new bike in a relatively short amount of time. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they buy an off road bike or any bike for that matter. In the long run you would have been better off getting a more expensive mountain bike and keeping it for years rather than buying the cheap mountain bike and replacing it every year.Brakes:
The higher the quality of the bike the higher the quality of the brakes. The choice of rim brakes or disk brakes is a decision you will have to make. Disk brakes will give the best braking efficiency, however the cost will be a bit higher. The low cost alternative would be the rim brakes but they don’t perform as well in adverse conditions.Shifters:
Rapidfire and Gripfit shifters are the two main types of shifters on the market today. The Rapidfire shifters are located under the brake lever and Gripfit shifters are incorporated into the handlebars that work similar to a motorcycle. The more experienced riders seem to like the Rapidfire shifters better but ultimately it will be a matter of choice.Tires:
If you are going to do a lot of off-road riding then you will want to have tires that are designed with the larger knobs. You will find that you will have more control on the more aggressive surfaces. If you will be riding mainly on a paved surface then you will want to make sure you have the smaller knobed tires. If you are going to use the bike for off road and on road then look for a tire with a ridge in the middle and medium sized knobs on the side of the tire.Size/Fit:
To get the best mountain bike that suits you well it is important to get the right size bike. While straddling the bike try and maintain a two to three inch clearance above the top tube. It does matter what terrain you will be ridding on. The more aggressive you plan on riding the more you may want to increase the clearance to the top tube to allow for the aggressive terrain. As you are sitting on the bike and your feet on the pedals try and maintain a 30 degree angle with the leg at the bottom of the apex. Although a matter of personal preference a thirty degree bend at the knee is a fine starting point.That’s the basics you need to know before buying the best mountain bike for yourself. You can expect to get many years of riding from your mountain bike if you choose wisely in the beginning. If you are looking for a great mountain bike that exceeds the highest qualifications of many advanced riders than you gotta checkout the Smith & Wesson Custom Police Mountain Bike.